Hello, fellow lovers of the DIY lifestyle. I started this blog to chronicle my struggles and successes with making things. I love the feeling of satisfaction when I can make something work, but let’s face it. Not everything turns out perfectly! As a Pinterest addict, I am forever adding to my list of things to try. Watch me make them (or fail at making them) through the posts on this blog.

I grew up immersed in the DIY way before there was even a name for it. My dad managed a hardware store and then a lumber yard in my hometown. If anything broke in our home, he either knew how to fix it or was able to figure it out on his own. Plumbing, electrical wiring, installing appliances, roofing, pouring concrete, finishing furniture, landscaping, painting… his skill as a handyman stretched to accommodate the ever-growing to-do list of projects. I learned by watching him and, as I got older, helping him fix things around the house. He taught me the finesse of doing things right the first time and instilled in me a can-do spirit when it comes to tackling tough problems.

My mom was also an influence on my love for the DIY lifestyle. Whenever we could, we would watch HGTV and get ideas for how we could decorate or what things we could re-purpose for a brand new look. She taught me to sew, to cook, to clean, and to stick to a budget. She is still my favorite buddy for browsing thrift stores or yard sales for the next thing to rejuvenate. Over the years, I watched her plan and create new looks for every room in the house as we went from yellowed, peeling wallpaper to fresh coats of paint. She taught me to be patient when money was tight and to stretch it when there was extra. Thanks to her guidance, I not only know how to decorate a home but how to fill it with love.

My husband and I have been married for nearly two years, and he too is a believer in doing things yourself. The one arena that my dad never ventured into was auto work, and my husband has shown me that cars are not so complex that I should be intimidated. He loves working on his car, and he does as much as he can by himself. Together we also enjoy seeing how much our savings can grow by practicing a frugal lifestyle. He is my teammate, and I look forward to completing projects with him when we become homeowners. Maybe he will let me use the power tools sometimes!

Thank you for stopping by my blog, and I hope you find what you are looking for. If you have any suggestions for a post, please comment with your feedback! My DIY spirit has many interests, from refinishing old furniture to trying new recipes. I am also a middle school teacher, so I am constantly creating materials for lessons. Check out my store on Teachers Pay Teachers to download some freebies!